Friday, July 18, 2014

How to do Facebook Ads right (or, the best £100 you’ll spend this month)

Everyone should advertise on Facebook. Everyone. There are over 1 billion active (and growing) Facebook users. That’s 1/7th of the world’s population. And a significant chunk of your (anyone’s) target audience, all using a website that allows for wonderfully specific targeting. 

But running Facebook ad campaigns can be confusing – Facebook change their policies, there’s a myriad of options for how to structure a campaign, how best to target an audience, how to exclude people you don’t want to target … on and on. What we need is a simple run down of how to do Facebook ads right. Here’s how I would spend my first £100 on Facebook ads: 

Firstly though, it’s worth noting a few things up front: 

Online advertising requires patience. Usually, there are no ‘quick wins’. It can take months to hone your offer, your content and your target market. Give it time, continually adjust based on the results, and be prepared to move on if it’s not working for you. 

If Facebook ads work for you, be prepared to pile into it. Facebook gives you great control over who you target and how much you spend doing it. You’ll want to be measuring your return on the ads – and if they’re working, be prepared to quickly divert funds from other less profitable sources.

But look out for decay. Online ad performance will decline over time. A campaign that works well for you will slowly stop working. Pay attention to the point at which it’s performance drops below your level of expectation for that campaign, and refresh it. 

It’s all about the money. High click through rates are nice. It’s great to have an ad that sends a lot of people to your goal. But if you’re not converting those people (financially, or into email subs, or whatever conversion metric you use) then you’re wasting your money. And it’s all about the money.

You can read the full post here: How to do Facebook Ads right (or, the best £100 you’ll spend this month) 

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