Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Basic Formulas in Online Advertising : eCPC CALCULATION

eCPC, is a metric used by Internet marketers to calculate the effectiveness of their online campaigns when the rate model used is CPC . eCPC can also be termed as ” profitable per click” so if the actual CPC is $2 and the eCPC is coming as $1 per click , than $1 is the profit on each clicks .

Net profit = CPC – eCPC

eCPC = (Total spent or revenue / clicks)

Example : If eCPC needs to be calculated for a single Ad size say 300×250 , we just need to figure out how much the Ad size has spent and how much clicks it has generated , so if it is like $200 has been spent and the clicks generated are 100 with actual CPC set to $3 .

using the formula ,

eCPC = ( 200 / 100 ) = $ 2

So , net profit = ( 3 – 2 ) = $1.


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